I am a candidate for ordained ministry with the United Church of Canada in my third year of studies through the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I am also married and the mother of three adult children.

Prior to starting my studies to obtain a Master of Divinity degree for ordination, I was a legal assistance for 30+ years.  Becoming a student after all that time has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.  I do not have a Bachelor’s degree and have come to this education process as an adult learning with all of the life experience that I have accumulated over 50+ years.

In a separate posting, I will explain this education model for ministry that has me in an appointment with two small rural churches at the same time that I am completing my education.

In my spare time, when I can get it, I enjoy reading books of my own choosing, knitting, gardening and enjoying the life that I have been so very fortunate to have!

I believe that more of my ‘self’ will be revealed as this blog continues to unfold.

Finally, the purpose for this blog is to share all that I have learned to this point on my ministry journey, both positive and negative, as well as to share what the future may hold.  Hopefully in this forum I can share my thoughts and frustrations so that others may learn as well.  Together we can come out ahead!


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