Worship and Liturgy

That is my focus at the moment… worship and liturgy.  Why we do what we do on Sunday mornings and what it means not only to me but to the members of my congregation.

Right now, I think that Sunday mornings for most of my congregations are about doing what they have always done… not really sure why, most often oblivious to the meaning or implications.   So in the pursuit of inspiration and information for a potential study group to talk about worship and its parts and liturgy and its parts, I have just finished reading:  Liturgical worship, a fresh look, how it works, why it matters by Mark Earey.

This is a thin volume of just a bit over 100 pages and it packs in, what I consider to be, the basics and explanations.  I think it is a good place to begin the discussion and I hope to create a study group using this as a resource.

My ideas for this group are preliminary, however, I will start out with the background basics and build from there.  I would hope that at the end of the group (8 weeks) that enough preparation work would be in place to be able to experiment with different styles of worship to see what really fits for my people.

I have to remind myself, that there are those few people who will be very resistant to any change.  This means that it will be gradual and gentle!  At least, when the exercise has been completed, there will be an awareness and level of understanding that was not there before we started.  And yes, this is a ‘we’ project not a ‘me’ project.

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