New School Year

For quite a few people, tomorrow is the beginning of a new school year. It will be time to start junior kindergarten, start a new grade, start a new school, start highschool, start college or university or just start a new year.

For myself, I am beginning my third year of online studies for my Masters of Divinity (only two more to go!). This year, I am finding it hard to transition from the short bit of summer vacation to the new year. It has really only been about a month (39 days actually) since the last day of classes at AST in the summer. The ‘break’ has gone much too quickly!!

For one of my friends, the summer was her last summer and this fall and winter online courses will be her last before ordination in May, 2011. She was contemplating what next summer would feel like when she does not have to prepare and travel to Nova Scotia. Instead she will be at home, tending her gardens (that will be completely surprised after 5 years to feel the touch of her care) and preparing to enter life as a ‘Rev.’ with a new pastoral charge.

It is very difficult to imagine what that will be like. With the schedule of classes and work with the pastoral charge most of us don’t think too far ahead of ourselves. Looking too far out can be depressing! But eventually that sixth summer will come and I think it will be a treat!

As for tomorrow and the days to come… they will be filled with reading (not of my choosing) and assignments and posting and reading posts and deciding whether to complete the educational project or the sermon/liturgy project. And, of course, thrown in with all of that education will be my two congregations and the work they generate…. services to prepare, study groups to lead and whether we really know it or not, Advent will be here again in November!

Whoops…. looking to far ahead. I better stick with Sunday’s anniversary service and the meetings for this week and, of course, the readings and postings. That should keep me busy!

To everyone who begins a new adventure tomorrow…. enjoy the ride!!

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