Here I am!

The gap in blog posting can be explained by online course work, pastoral charge responsibilities, a funeral, family and let us not forget the cold that I currently am trying to be rid of!

The theme for the fall for me seems to be time. Because of all that is happening in my life right now time is a precious commodity and I am discerning how to use it well. First is in setting priorities and boundaries remembering that self-care is my responsibility to myself. Second is taking that time away, to reconnect with the Creator and creation. This is the time that feeds me and that I cherish the most. The times where I can pause!

I have found this website to be helpful:

I have also found this book, recommended by my spiritual director to sing to my heart!

Wiederkehr, Macrina. Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day. Sorin. 2010. (New in paperback). $18.00
A wonderful book- loved by many in its hardcover edition. (the CD ‘Seven Sacred Pauses’ by Velma Fyre is a wonderful companion too. A new CD by Velma, “Take Heart” will be available in November). Wiederkehr ‘opens the monastery door… t o bring this practice of your own heart. Here is how to live in the world and still remain faithful to the light and darkness. Here is how to summon the holy of your own divine self.” Takes the reader – and the spiritual pilgrim – through the Night Watch, the Awakening Hour, the Blessing Hour, the Hour of Illumination, the Wisdom Hour, the Twilight Hour, the Great Silence.

It won’t be long now before the beginning of Advent and it is another time, a time to wait and a time to journey. As I think you can see, clearly, time is my mantra theme that I am to learn from right now! Thanks be to God for that, Amen.

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