God, what would you have of me today?

God, what would you have of me today?
I would have all of you,
in every way,
at all times,
I already do, but the question is,
Do you realize it?
Even your doubts and disbeliefs about me are
part of the gift of free will that I have given as
a way of sharing myself with you.
I would have you give yourself back to me
as your gift to me.
In doing so, your consciousness has
a chance to grow and expand
by leaps and bounds.
Will you give yourself to me today?
Evening Reflection
Asking someone, “What would you have of me?” could be considered an act of courage. It implies that you are willing to do whatever is asked of you. Depending on who you are saying this to, asking it of someone can also be somewhat scary. In that I am asking this of God, it becomes an act of trust and faith. I have learned, however, that although the Divine may surprise, the Divine always Loves. And love is compassionate and gentle; it never seeks to control, but to guide one to be one’s best self.
Christian scripture speaks of loving the Lord fully, with all one’s heart, soul, strength and mind. This is essentially our whole being. I am glad the One who created me wants all of me-even while letting me be me. It sounds convoluted, but it is,essentially, what it means to be one with God.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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