God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be patient.
Pause before saying or doing.
Waiting for you in that space
are guidance, encouragement, and the resources
to meet the needs of the day.
In that space
you have the opportunity to draw in
wisdom, unconditional love,
self-control, joy, peace,
kindness, gentleness, and trust.
Today, spend time in the spaces.
They are wondrous places
to visit.
Splash their blessings
all over you.
Evening Reflection
Okay, I know what you are thinking: the word “splash” came out of nowhere. Since there was not a single water reference in the guidance, where then did that come from?
It came from that primordial place where thought forms words. It is a creative way of expressing the idea that the blessings offered in the spaces created by patience and waiting flow over you.
The Divine is nothing if not creative. There is never just one way to get an idea across. I always did like the thought of tasting with my ears or touching with my eyes.
As far as patience goes, one of my favorite sermons preached by my father was on patience. The words, “But let patience have her perfect work” (James 1:4 KJV) still echo in my head. Patience is a quality that many find difficult to achieve. And now, when technology allows instant and faster, it is perhaps even more challenging to be patient.
That being said, spending a day practicing patience can yield amazing results. Patience takes the pressure off-everything. If you want to improve your ability to be patient and live its gifts, try this when you are feeling pressured: Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, let go of the need to control. Practice this for a day, and if it goes well see if you can stretch it over a couple of days. Any amount of patience is beneficial in our fast-paced society.
Patience doesn’t keep us from accomplishing, it allows us to enjoy accomplishing. Or even to enjoy not accomplishing. Now that is an accomplishment!
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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