God, what wuld you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Speak in a manner that honors those you meet.
Be sincere in your acknowledgements.
Move in love.
Fill your gaze
with appreciation for those whose paths you cross,
for they are divine beings.
Walk amongst saints today-
and include yourself as one.
Hold deep gratitude
for those with whom you are sharing
your life journey.
Have no need to achieve notice for yourself,
but raise the esteem of those you speak with
by focusing on them with your full attention
and care.
Be vigilant.
Watch for anything
that hinders the giving of conditional love
and high regard.
Overcome your blocks with joy for life
and respect for all.
Today,all is divine,
all is miracle,
all is love.
Evening Reflection
Even as I become familiar with the synchronicity of the guidance and the challenges of each day, I am still constantly amazed. It is ever so clear that the wisdom and guidance of God are always available when we open ourselves to them. And you open yourself to wisdom and guidance by asking for them. Then you allow yourself to receive. How? By paying attention to your thoughts, your feelings,your intuition, and your gut.
Today was poignant. We had a family reunion of sorts. I was in Atlanta to see my mother, who had cooked a wonderful dinner of traditional soul food and invited the extended family over. The conversations were joyous, and the family closeness was precious. We prayed, sang, ate, talked, and laughed together and enjoyed each other immensely.
I stayed aware of the guidance and it helped me to focus on each person i talked with. I looked upon each person with appreciation and took special care to make sure the shy ones knew they were heard and appreciated. I listened eagerly and gently touched a shoulder or patted a back to affirm presence.I say each person as a miracle: each child, teenager, young adult, middle ager, and senior. I do not know how my behaviour registered with them, but the guidance ushered me into a rich, awakened experience of appreciation and gratitude for the people close to me.
Today was sweet-and the guidance, divine.
How did you do with this today?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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