God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Forgive yourself.
Relax into your humanity.
Relax and keep on relaxing.
Allow tension to be released.
Breathe calmly and let all striving rest,
even while working diligently.
Connect with whatever is enjoyable.
Let your divine nature come through as you
hold back judgement, jealousy or negativity.
Feel your own holiness.
Accept your life as a gift.
Just be, without any goal or angst.
Relax and rest in me
as you accept things as they are now,
as you accept what was then.
If there is unhappiness, don’t disturb it;
connect with your place of joy today.
It need not be demonstrated.
Just recognize joy and let it
roam through you freely,
even when confronted by pain
or challenging emotions.
Claim the freedom found in forgiveness
and the power discovered in joy.
Forgive and be joyous.
Let go and allow your divine
inner light to shine.
It’s all okay.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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