God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?

God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?
Be fresh air,
clean spirit,
and pure soul.
Let your words be life-giving and uplifting.
Let your eyes sparkle with delight.
What delight?
The delight of being alive,
of being loved and cared for by
me…the one who gave you life.
Smile with your whole being today.
By breathing deeply and relaxing,
by being thankful for the gift of your life,
by letting go of tension or anxiety.
Do not force it. Let it happen
in it’s own way, as it will.
And it will.
Just breathe deeply, and slowly, and let it go.
When you enjoy the lightness of your being
others will enjoy you
and be refreshed.
A beautiful day awaits…
Are you ready?
Evening Reflection
I usually carry the guidance in my pocket and read it several times during the day. But I changed pants today and forgot to take the guidance out of my pocket.
I attended an honouring ceremony for students who had finished up a period of gruelling training. The ceremony was small and intimate. I was a new face in this setting and could have easily felt out of place,but I remembered enough of the guidance and focused on being fresh air sparkling with delight. As funny as that may seem, the image was enough to invoke the lightness of my own being, which in turn helped me to not focus on the awkwardness of feeling like an outsider or stranger and thus enjoy the beautiful ceremony.
Once the ceremony ended, I used the images to ease my inner angst. I was able to smile, start conversations, and introduce myself without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
How did you do with the guidance today?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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