God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?

God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?
Be a soft cushion.
Allow all things
to rest comfortably with you and in you.
Take things as they come and do not
rush them.
Let them linger
or leave as they will.
Work diligently without hurry.
Have calm faith
that all that need to be accomplished
will be.
Take in the beauty of the day.
Relax and appreciate yourself.
Be grateful for the time you have for your work.
and breathe deeply.
and take your time.
Love the day; let it caress you.
Bask in the gift of being.
Find silence and immerse yourself in it,
even if only for a moment or two.
Let quiet hold you softly today,
and be a soft cushion for others.
Evening Reflection
Today’s guidance was apropos, as the day was filled with surprises and altered plans. My wife and I were preparing to watch an NBA playoff game on television when we got a frantic call from one of our daughters-she had lost the keys to her car. Soft cushion time. My wife quickly opted to deliver the spare keys while I stayed home with our 12 year old son and his friend who were making loud and joyful noise with their antics. She knew she was getting the better deal here.
Being a soft cushion helped me to stay peaceful and thus helped my daughter stay calm in the midst of one of life’s unplanned happenings. I spoke steadily and calmly to her on the phone, confident that things would be well-and already were.
As for spending precious time with my wife, we decided to record the game and view it later. Soft cushion for us.
As the lost car key event turned out to be an hours long adventure, I was alone much of this day. I took the opportunity to follow the guidance further by immersing myself in the silence of my office. I had plenty of opportunity to breathe deeply and feel what might be calling me. I paid bills,organized my desk, and threw away lots of unneeded papers, while enjoying the boys on and off. Then my other daughter called to say she had cancelled her plans to visit us soon. Soft cushion time again. I supported her decision while letting her know I would look forward to seeing her next time she was available. It was my opportunity to practice letting things be what they are without interfering.
Being a soft cushion is a very useful way to be-especially on days like today.
How did you fare?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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