God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?

God, what would you have me do, say or be like today?
Today, just be
Simply be,
without trying to stand out in some way.
Make being courteous and kind your agenda.
Notice your thoughts
but don’t make too much of them.
Just notice them.
Breathe smoothly. Imagine the world
as a deeply loved family member
or an innocent child.
Be gentle with yourself today,
and share that gift of soul
in all you do and say.
Accept the beauty and uniqueness
of your humanity today.
Feel the inner glow of life itself and
look outward to see…
…to see just how amazing being human is.
Evening Reflection
Being conscious of my humanity today was comforting and even freeing. And as complicated as being human is, it was refreshing to live the day stripped down to being courteous, kind, and non-judgmental.
Conscious breathing can, by itself, make me aware of the precious gift of being alive.
Practicing seeing the world as a loved one or as an innocent child was both challenging and beautiful. There arose within me a sense of forgiveness for the wrongs of life. There came compassion for the earth, for how it holds our journeys, sorrows, pains, wars, and tragedies. Love for the earth welled up, along with the thought that it could truly become a place we all love; a place where we love and care for all things.
Yes, today was a beautiful reminder that being human is rare and beautiful-it is a unique privilege.
What was your experience.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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