God, what would you have of me today?

God, what would you have of me today?
I would have your heart of love,
your outpouring of compassion and care.
You are about others today.
Give. Let others feel your availability.
There will be time and room for your own work.
Share yourself.
Be a beautiful soul.
Serve others today and
do not hold back your kindness.
How you make others feel is what is important.
Be beautiful, and see how the world
Let your heart-forces bless all who cross your path.
Evening Reflection
I felt guided to ask a question that has come up a few times before: What would you have of me? It differs from What should I do, say or be like? in that it implies that the Creator can receive and use our open hearts for divine purposes.
Today was a wonderful demonstration of this.
A friend needed support in dealing with a person from whom she wanted to distance herself. The courage and self-compassion that my friend had to display in order to say No was tremendous.
It was a heavy workday, but there is nothing like being there for someone in need. Letting my friend know that I recognized the strength it took to stand strong,encouraged and affirmed her.
I got back to my work with a sense of having been, at least for a while, a beautiful soul for someone else.
That is a hard feeling to beat.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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