Study leave and vacation

What is important to include clearly in the terms of an appointment as student supply is that the six weeks at AST every summer are study leave.  This is separate and apart from vacation which should be four weeks.

All that needs to be explained is that while at AST for those six weeks, you are taking three courses, two weeks per course.  In those two weeks the course that you are taking would normally be done over a three-month period.  That’s right, three months into two weeks….. very intense and by the time you have reach that third course there is limited energy and tolerance left!

Another piece of advice is to have vacation time scheduled for immediately after finishing courses at AST.  My personal preference is two weeks.  I have learned during my working life that the first week is the time to unwind and the second week is when the vacation mode really kicks in.

It is crucial to be aware of your needs for self-care.  If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else is going to step up for you.  As well, if you are not willing to take care of yourself, how do you think you can take on the leadership role in a congregation and take care of them?

Food for thought….

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