Balancing Act

Online courses began September 7… that would be only 18 days ago and in one course alone there have been 593 post to date and the term does not end until about mid December. That is an average of 33 posts day so by mid December we should be up to, more or less, 3,266 posts. I will have to read them in order to be able to post my own. I should also mention that there are 26 of us in the course.

Is this really realistic! I don’t believe so… there must be a better way to manage this.

Another thing is …. are we supposed to be doing class work 24/7? What about our church work and congregations? What about our family? friends? WHAT ABOUT US???

This reminds me of a course that I took last year (I think), The Theology of Work. If I remember correctly what is important, if we are not to implode or break down is BALANCE, giving ourselves permission to give it a break to take care of ourselves! Give yourself permission to be something other than an obsessed student… it really is okay and it will work out just fine! No one is going to ask after we are ordained if we read each and every post online, put in crazy hours reading it all and trying to make sense of it to respond. I think that after ordination everyone will be thrilled that we are in leadership and ministry because we have our hearts in the right place.

For me, right now, I have pretty much detached from it because it was making me crazy and grumpy and unhappy… I refuse to have anything hang onto me that tight anymore. I can’t believe that is what my God has in mind for me! I believe that I am to live the wonderful life I have been given not waste it completely on obsessions created by online class work.

I did try to get my classmates to give it a break, at least for the weekend… to have Sabbath! We talk about how important that is, so lets walk the talk!

So ends the lesson for today…. really that should be read as ‘RANT’.

Love and blessings to all! I pray for God’s wisdom and grace!

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