Passing through

The online course workload at the moment is intense…. reading posts, following the rules about posts… no more than 100 words, post at least twice on a thread but no more than four, engaging reading with posting and reading more posts and getting buried in the minutiae. assignments, projects and it goes on. And I know that I am certainly not alone! Don’t forget to prepare the bulletin, decide on scripture and hymns, maybe find a theme and what shall the children learn this week? Family, we all have those… they are thrown into the mix also and sometimes (most times?) get the short shrift when we are overwhelmed and overloaded but they are our biggest fans and supporters. Thank you God for them!

Well, I got that out… on to another coffee, a few errands and since it is raining today a trip to the church office later to see how much water may be there today! Nothing compared to my friends in Newfoundland but still a big annoyance. Praying that the ‘excavating guy’ comes soon to dig up, try a fix and hope it works… it is a slow process.

P.S. I did not want you to think that I had forgotten you out there in the cyber world!

Another day in the neighbourhood!

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1 Response to Passing through

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I hear you sis. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed yesterday. I have my Education Project Workshop to do Sunday afternoon. Its worth half my mark for the year and is due the day before my son’s wedding. I printed out the Spiritual Gifts questionaire and it’s font is so small I am sure half my people would not be able to see it. I will try and enlarge it on the photocopier. As we don’t get highspeed internet at the church we have to do the questionsaires by hand instead of on the Internet, which was fun. I am wondering if my folks will even like this workshop or see its value. I wish I had more time, I would have chosen something else.

    We will just take a deep beath and say a prayer Laurie. God does not call the equipped, she equips the called. Getting equipped is a challenge at times.

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