God, how would you have me be in the world today?

God, how would you have me be in the world today?
Be like a fragrant flower
that knows it’s own beauty
without claiming it as it’s own.
Be seen…but be unobtrusive.
Walk softly.
Bend gently in the breeze.
Share your sweetness easily;
let it flow from you without effort.
Be kind and forgiving.
that you are firmly rooted in me.
Let the light of day open your heart,
and may your presence
bless everyone today.
Evening Reflection
It did not take long before I was tested on this guidance. About the same time as I finished writing this, my 12 year old son came and stood at my office door. It was 6:30 am and there he was with headphones on and the latest mini-music player in hand. He on one side of the door, planted firmly in the world of technology and constant stimulation, bouncing to the beat, and I on the other, in silence, resting in the glow of communing with God.
We looked at each other. Okay, we stared. I wondered what he was looking at. It was a sort of diffuse look, as if he were staring past me. I thought perhaps he was seeing the heavenly light surrounding me. (Okay that was my ego talking). Or more likely, he was wondering if it was okay to enter my space. I wasn’t quite ready for human contact, and was thinking No as he came in.
He walked up to me and said in a bright, innocent tone, “Good morning.”
“Darn,” I thought. He was just a fragrant flower…without a morning meditation. And he had beaten me at my own game. He got there first! How humbling. I did,however, regroup-and chimed back, “Good morning.” And he bounced away joyfully.
Let’s just say that what my son gave me was a wake-up call.
How long was it before your first test?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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