God, how would you have me be in the world today?

God, how would you have me be in the world today?
Be open.
Be receptive to ideas not your own.
Listen for, and hear with your heart,
my inner Yes.
As I have given ideas,thoughts, and leanings
to you, I have also given them to all others.
Be joyful for your gifts,and just as joyful
for the gifts that others have.
They are all gifts of mine.
Be welcoming and inviting.
Be grateful you
do not hold all things.
If you did, would you learn to share?
Expect all things to work together for good.
Breathe easily and watch how
I unfold the journey.
Be at peace with your life today.
Stay open.
Enjoy me in all.
Enjoy me in all.
Evening Reflection
I attended a meeting where project ideas were offered for future consideration. I had previously put forth an idea that I thought was good. But today an idea that was amazingly creative and brilliant came from another person. I loved the vision offered and hesitated in my applause only for a moment (ah, ego). However, I did jokingly comment, “God likes you better than me,” which I instantly recognized as my ego invoking envy. However, the part of me that was aware of my ego’s game won out.
I was thankful that God had blessed this artist with his unique mind. And I felt grateful to be working with such a creative group of people.
How did today’s guidance speak to your day?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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