God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be refreshing,
like a cleansing rain.
Let words that awaken joy
and water the heart with love
fall from your mouth.
Let the sound of your voice be wet
with laughter, and may it splash
blessing onto everyone you speak with.
Say what is true and helpful.
Be clear in your actions,
that others may see your best intentions.
May you comfort those in need,
sharing the water of tears, if need be,
as you become one with their pain.
May you flow where I lead today.
Stay aware of
wisdom and grace
pouring out as you meet
each circumstance and opportunity.
Be refreshing.
Be joy alive.
Wash away negativity with appreciation and gratitude.
Live with a clean heart.
Be the living water of life today.
and be refreshed.
Evening Reflection
Today was relatively easy upon first thought, because I didn’t see many people. But on further reflection, I realized it had not been so simple. The people I had engaged with needed specific kinds of responses and energy.
First, I met an old high school friend for lunch, and we caught up on years of life. Then my sister came by with a colleague from oversees she wanted me to meet. We all conversed for a few hours,which included having dinner together. At the end of the day I sat with my aging mother as we talked and watched one of her favorite TV shows.
Each encounter was beautiful and drew upon my energy differently. My high school friend needed patient ears to listen to him as he retraced life events and their accumulated meaning. My sister’s friend received a phone call during his visit telling of the death of an acquaintance. I sat quietly across from him while he offered condolences and prayer. After the call he shared the situation back home. I empathized deeply as his sadness poured out. So I lived the part of the guidance about comforting someone today. I needed to be patient and attentive to my mother’s health needs even as we sat enjoying television. We laughed and simply appreciated sitting together.
I hope I was able to refresh today as the first sentence of the guidance encourages. But, if not, rain fell most of the day and I am sure it did refresh things.
Divinity always has a back up plan.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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