God, how would you have me be in the world today?

God, how would you have me be in the world today?
Be a jewel.
Be beautiful in all you do and say.
Be of great value, and offer value
in all interactions.
Dazzle! Sparkle! Shine!
Hold light within the core of
your being
so that your beauty and love
shine from the inside out.
Remember the divine ground from which you
come, and remember that it
has given you the
qualities you possess.
Use them with grace, appreciation, and humility.
Use them with power, confidence, and purpose.
be a jewel in the world today.
with my holy
and sacred brilliance,
and add beauty wherever you are.
be a precious gem today.
Dazzle! Sparkle! Shine!
Evening Reflection
Today my sister recruited me to work with a high school senior on an essay and research project. The student needed to complete the project in order to graduate. It was a somewhat stressful situation because the student was way behind in his work, through no fault of his own.
In steps my sister.
I happened to be in town visiting our mother and was called upon to help out. I drove an hour to meet with the student, who happened to share my first and last initials. We also shared an interest in the arts, as he wanted to become a professional actor.
The pressure of having to write a long paper rather quickly was palpable.The guidance reminded me that I needed to act as mentor and point of inspiration for the young man. As we got to the nitty-gritty of the research paper, the pressure mounted; I stayed conscious of the guidance and each part came into play when needed.
The student and I completed our task, had fun, and connected in a deep and meaningful way. I drove home knowing that I had lived out this guidance in one fell swoop with one human being.
What was your experience with today’s guidance?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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