God, how would you have me be in the world today?

God, how would you have me be in the world today?
Be like a blossom in springtime,
waking to a new beginning:
opening, growing,
fresh, alive,
and glad to be so.
Be fragrant in what you say and do.
Leave a sweet scent wherever you go.
Let your attitudes and responses
be beautiful to behold.
Draw spiritual nourishment from the deep
and ever flowing source
of replenishment and renewal.
Always lean toward the light of divinity.
Let it’s warm and peaceful rays of wisdom
and loving guidance surround you
as you journey through the day.
Speak with the beauty of your whole being
and allow others to look upon you
while you stand in my glow, grace, and serenity.
Keep blossoming today;
allow new aspects of your beauty to unfold
through your face, mannerisms, and temperament.
Enjoy being beautiful today…
all day.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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