God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be like a mountain standing in the blue sky.
Make love a strength in your being today.
Stand up for those you love; for those who need your strength and support.
With your words, give others beauty and light,
warmth and comfort.
Today you are strong enough to protect
others’ needs. Do not think about yourself.
Let your resolve stand you above the goings-on
of the day.
Rise into divinity when you feel yourself
becoming self-centred or needy.
Maintain your high resolve to stay in the light;
remain in the sunshine of love, grace, care, and
Breathe in fresh air,
and bask in the breezes of love, understanding,
patience, gentleness, and goodness.
Stand with and look out for those
you come in contact with today;
those you love,
and those you do not know.
Root yourself in the ground of divinity
and gain the resources to live into this today.
Should this guidance become difficult,
don’t give up.
Rise up.
Will you do this today?
Evening Reflection
It did not take more than half and hour for me to be tested in this guidance.
I was presented with a personal challenge that took a tremendous amount of inner fortitude, love, and strength to meet. I did not see it coming. Have you ever been faced with a powerful challenge you didn’t ask for or see coming?
Spiritual guidance happens in many ways: perhaps as a response to prayer, or as words of wisdom that we recognize as a message for us. The point is that when Spirit guides us to act or speak a certain way, even when we do not know why, it is wise to follow the lead of God’s holy spirit. It is not blind obedience that I am talking about. It is trust-trust in God’s guidance based on our own past experiences of divine guidance, regardless of whether the results were what we wanted. Divine trust means knowing that there is a bigger picture, one which we may not see or even be privy to. Thus the great spiritual challenge: Let go and let God.
When we let go and let God, we become servants of the Divine, which then allows us to become angels for others at any time.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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