God, how would you have me be in the world today?

God, how would you have me be in the world today?
Be welcoming and open,
like the meadows and the plains.
Hold on to nothing, and meet all
without judgement or opinion.
Be a container for others to inhabit.
Let them hear and see themselves
through your clear and open spirit.
Invite with your eyes, heart, and speech.
Be a resting pace for the sojourners
you meet today.
Refresh with your encouragement,
purify with your hope,
nourish with your trust,
strengthen with your faith.
Let the borders of your being extend outward;
make a safe place for others
to roam, rest, and replenish.
All are welcome. All are welcome.
Evening Reflection
At 4:00 pm , an old friend came to visit. He was going through a rough life change and needed a warm welcome. I had not seen this person in a few years and was glad to listen, share a meal, and learn the details of his journey.
As the friend was preparing to leave, to my surprise he acknowledged my hospitality and acceptance. Furthermore, he said, “I think this is the beginning of a turnaround for me.”
I was glad to hear that, and while I take no credit for it, perhaps being conscious of the guidance to be an open, welcoming spirit contributed to his positive change.
We all need assisted living at certain times. Sometimes the assistance comes in the form of someone listening to us and responding with faith or a positive outlook.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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