God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be like the banks of a river.
Hold with love all those
you encounter
but let them flow
as they will.
Say and do that which supports
and allows their ease of movement.
See them as they walk, talk,
and find their way through the day.
You are to hold the day in watchful
allowance and appreciation,
letting others use your
strength and grounding…
hold all that occurs with
your gentle smile
and a softness
that says,
all is well.
be like the banks of a river.
Evening Reflection
Focusing my attention on holding space for people as they lived the day became a profound privilege. Of course, no one knew I was envisioning myself as a riverbank, but holding this vision evoked a profound awareness that each life is precious and has an individual path. It called for me to give space and stay out of the way while remaining involved. The banks of a river provide guidelines for the water’s journey. Of course, the water-and people-can overflow the boundaries altogether. As I lived into this powerful vision, I sensed that the guidance was not about trying to control anyone or anything, but about being a resource, and then only if invited.
This evening I attended a high school a cappella singing competition . As the young people waited their turns to perform, I could sense their nervousness and excitement. I imagined surrounding them all with supportive energy. I do not know if anyone felt it, but it did make me smile, nod my head, and applaud with joy and perhaps more emphasis and overtness than I might have shown otherwise.
This creative visualization proved to be a powerful and enjoyable tool with which to connect with others in a positive, supportive manner.
What was your experience with this guidance today?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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