God, what would you have me say, do, or be like today?

God, what would you have me say, do, or be like today?
Be honest.
Do not hide from your feelings.
Do not pretend.
Shine as you are.
See yourself.
Take stock of what is in you.
Trust my spirit in this endeavour,
knowing that I love you.
See your light, your shadows,
and your dark places.
Lift them
to my purifying love and understanding.
Release yourself
to my care and service.
Be true to yourself today.
Be genuine, and be so without guilt, fear,
or hesitation.
You are a holy being who is still growing
and who has much goodness to share.
Honesty will serve you well.
and be honest.
Evening Reflection
When this guidance came through,I again did not have a clue as to how it would play out. It didn’t seem to be what I needed. At least that is what I thought. I wanted to guide my guidance.
Well,it didn’t take long (again) to see the wisdom in the day’s message. Maybe two minutes went by, and then, in the most surprising way, I was confronted with the challenge of honesty. It came in the simple form of the question, What do I want to do next?
Then came the shoulds…Then came the crazy thoughts: I could just jump in the car and drive off to some other state. Then came the guidance: Be honest. I took time to pause and sift through the mind’s barrage of thoughts and connect with my heart. And then I knew what I truly wanted to do next. I wanted to work on a board game I was developing. Now to many this may not qualify to be amoung life’s important things, but it is what I wanted to spend time doing. And I did. It was fun. I moved the development of the game forward a bit and gained great satisfaction, which I carried through the day!
When the guidance-Be Honest-came in it was so clear, even surprisingly so. Learning to hear God speak within me is an exercise in letting go and allowing my heart and intuition to take centre stage. I have to trust the letting go and the receiving-no matter how surprising the message.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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