God, what would you have me say or do today?

God, what would you have me say or do today?
Speak as an angel.
Move as a being of light.
As you live into this today
you will connect with what you really are:
an angel of light in human form.
It is not unbelievable.
It is you.
Angels serve God,
and in your highest consciousness
you do also.
Move past your egoic self
and present your authentic spirit to the world.
This is what the day is for.
Be an angel of light on the earth today
and you will bless the world
with the wonder of being.
Evening Reflection
Let’s just say I was not an angel all day.
On several occasions throughout the day I lost patience. However, when I remembered the guidance I was able to connect with the angel in me and the light that I hold. I had what I would call a series of saves, like in soccer or hockey when the goalie grabs the ball or puck and prevents the other team from scoring. Or even in baseball, when the closing pitcher comes on to save the game and get the win for the team.
My saves were more of the soccer and hockey variety than baseball though. See, in baseball the closer comes on to protect a lead. I was not leading. And I certainly was not following-not until I remembered the guidance. Then I was able to let go of my ego and watch the divinity in me employ my mind, heart, and soul. I became softer, kinder, more patient, and loving-instantly! More wisdom flowed into what I said. It was an incredible difference, and one that made all the difference!
How did you do with this one?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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