God, what would you have me say or do or be like today?

God, what would you have me say or do or be like today?
Listen to everything.
Speak little.
Do less.
Listen to your own life.
Listen to your quietest thoughts
and hear what is being voiced
in the deepest realms of your being.
Listen to nature.
Listen to wind, the trees rustling,
the buzzes and flaps of flying creatures,
the quiet of a frozen lake.
Listen with all of your senses.
Do not have expectation; just listen.
You may even hear the sound of sound…
and of my love.
You may hear just what you need to hear.
Something is waiting
just for you to hear today.
Evening Reflection
I am writing this evening reflection at 9:57 a.m.!
I find listening with my whole being-with all my senses-amazing!
I am sitting in a church with my wife, preparing to spend the day listening to lectures and poetry by a well known writer. I am listening deeply, and I can hear many things. I hear my own fear, my knee jerk responses, my subtle judgements, and my guilt about them. My hope sounds as a feeling tone.
Ears hear, fingers touch, noses smell, mouths taste, eyes see. Our senses are connections. They connect us to the world we are in and to the world in us. None of our senses is limited to the small physical range we may assign to it, and paying attention to wider, more expansive sensing may lead to some wonderful experiences. Tasting a lover with your eyes might lead to a delicious kiss; smelling the ocean with your feet might lead to a headlong dive into a wave. There are no limits to the ways we can experience and employ our senses except those we place on them.
I heard today in many ways and modes. I even heard God loving me, and I think I heard the sound of sound.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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