God, what would you have me say or do or be like today?

God, what would you have me say or do or be like today?
Be flexible.
Go with the flow without fuss.
Be adaptable and easy going.
Relax and breathe deeply;
feel the blessing of your life.
Do your work joyfully;
be grateful for your skills and talents.
Watch life unfold today and see what comes.
Accept it all knowing that divinity holds you.
Enjoy who you are today.
Find time to be alone and sense the
remarkable gift of your presence.
Try to stay in this energy field all day,
no matter what transpires.
Peace is always yours to claim. Live in it today.
Evening Reflection
Today I began a project I thought would take at least a couple of months of steady work to complete. I worked with joy all day, off and on, and later into the wee hours of the morning. So this reflection is being written very late.
Because I wanted to focus on the project and work without disturbance, my ability to be flexible with my schedule was challenged, especially once I got on a roll. At one point I felt guided to call my mother. Later there came the nudge to call a contact about a business idea. And still later I felt the need to spend time with my wife and then have a text conversation with my daughter.
Remembering the guidance, I let it all flow. I was flexible, adaptable, and easygoing. When I finally got space to work into the night, a most surprising thing occurred. I finished the project! I completed in less than 24 hours something that I thought would take months. But I worked with joy and appreciated the skills that allowed me to do the work. I worked in a state of joy and peace and the ideas flowed without tiring me out.
It was a demonstration of how going with the flow can yield divine results that surprise and amaze.
What was your experience with this guidance today?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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