God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be watchful…
Be helpful.
Speak with patience and understanding.
Take no offence
but be like water
and adapt to the shape of the day.
Know that you are loved,
and walk in that knowledge.
Be a soft cushion for others to rest on.
May your love be deep and strong today.
May your emotions remain peaceful today.
May you look upon the day with thankfulness.
Be joyful all day
and watch the divine play unfold!
Evening Reflection
To adapt to the shape of the day was a beautiful guidance to live into. It took the pressure off, and I found myself just letting things be without feeling the need to control. I offered my ideas in meetings without a sense of ownership. I found I spoke easily and waited for a response with much less ego involvement and defensiveness in my inner stance than usual.
The fun in it all is that I am aware that I am doing this. I can feel the difference between doing it and not. The goal is to become more and more able to follow the guidance without thinking about it. However, it is a wonderful gift to have help along the way.
The guidance’s reminder that I am loved also allowed a relaxation within my being that made the day flow without me needing or desiring anything from anyone. What an experience!
Be a soft cushion for others to rest on-this was the most surprising item of the guidance. During my encounters with others throughout the day, I loved the feeling of being a soft cushion for them to rest upon. I seemed to move my body more smoothly and take things in stride; I didn’t feel as though I had to comment on this or that. I listened in a loving and accepting way and let the words of others sink in.
Watching-just watching-allowed me to enjoy and appreciate the gifts, personalities, and even the moods and dispositions of those I shared life with today. Today’s guidance grew on me as I sank deeper and deeper into it’s wisdom. I think I grew into it also.
How did you live with this one?
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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