God, what would you have me say and do today?

God, what would you have me say and do today?
Be forgiving today.
Allow yourself and everyone you encounter
to be human,with all the frailties
and shortcomings that are part of being human.
Be gentle and compassionate with your failings,
and understand those of others.
Know all are doing their best
in any moment.
Remembering that all things are done
out of love or as cries for love,
find it within yourself to be a soft place of love.
Let go of hurts and past wrongs
done to you or by you.
Today offers an opportunity to grow.
Each act of forgiveness-of letting go-
is a step along the path
of your continuing spiritual growth.
Each failure is a lesson
from which to grow.
So, be gentle.
All are learning.
Today, let the things that happened yesterday,
or years ago, be where they belong-
in the past.
Claim a new beginning in this new day.
Remember that being human is not easy.
Be gentle with yourself.
Breathe deeply. Breathe easily. Let go. Forgive.
Live in the light and freedom
of unconditional love today.
Evening Reflection
I am writing this reflection at 9:45 am. I wrote the guidance at 7:30 am. Already I have been both tested and affirmed. It seems that I must live into what I write without haste and without delay! There is no warm up period or waiting until I leave the house.
Even as I have spent hours, days,and years writing a daily guidance (or better, having it write me), my offer to God that I want to be an instrument of divinity still comes with the concomitant silent question, How can I know that my daily writings are a creation of Spirit? One way I receive an answer is through the synchronicity I experience when the test specifically targets a day’s guidance.
This morning, as I was reading the last chapter of a wonderful inspirational book, I came across several paragraphs that essentially stated the same thing I had just written in the guidance. And they were written using almost the same words! That kind of tight synchronicity always surprises me, mostly because I don’t see it coming. The experience is beautiful, and deeply affirming of the reality and presence of God in my personal life. It reassures me of Divinity’s Grace and ability to guide, and it strengthens my inner knowing that there is no space between me and the Divine One. It is an experience of being seen and cared for. I know that God knows who I am and where I am. Furthermore, it is personal proof that Divinity is alive and conscious and can wink at me in joy, celebration and partnership during my spiritual journey.
No matter what else happens today, I have already had an extraordinary moment with Divinity. I hope you have your own divine moment today.
From Power for Life: Inspirational for Daily Living
David Preston Sharp
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